Margaret  Newton

A little more about Hypnotherapy

It is not a magical or mystical technique. Hypnotherapy is a very ancient way of me helping you to access your subconscious mind to effect whichever changes you aim to acheive.

Hypnotherapy can help you to cope with and overcome a wide range of emotional problems or phobias and can help you to acheive more mental focus - driving tests, exams etc.

What will happen?

First we will talk and you can tell me what you hope to acheive. You will be in my quiet peaceful practice room either lying down or sitting comfortably. By talking with you I will help you into a light trance state which is similar to the dreaming state where you are neither asleep or awake. You will be fully aware of what is going on, just very relaxed.
When you are in this very relaxed state I will be able to help you communicate with your subconscious mindto effect wichever changes to aim to acheive.

Bear in mind it is me helping you to do this. You are in controll at all times. I would like to reassure you that at all times you would be able to open your eyes, wake up fully to a couscious state if you so chose. What I am diong is helping you to focus your own mind on helping yourself.
(No - I can't trick you into giving me your P.I.N. number and sneaking off with your bank card while you are asleep.)

I hope this information has told you what you need to know. If you would like to find out more or make an apointment please telephone 0777166649