Margaret Newton

The benefits of massage

Massage stimulates the bodys natural ability to repair and revitalise. Soft tissue manipulation helps to promote better circulation and blood flow. I will use the appropriate massage technique for your maximum benefit.
Used to promote bodily health and wellbeing. Massage can be stimulating or soothing, this is why it can make a person more alert and revitalised or relaxed and sleepy.
It can help promote a sense of confidence and wellbeing, can help the body to heal more quickly from injuries, relieve tention and relax painful and aching muscles, therefore aiding the bodys natural regenerative capability thus promoting the natural physical and mental balance therefore helping to cope with the stresses and pressures of everyday life.

Deep Tissue Massage
General muscle pain and tension caused by headaches, stress, pulled or knotted muscles perhaps caused by overuse or overexercise.

I blend essential oils to suit the needs of each individual. Perhaps you need to relax and destress, maybe you need to wake up and revitalise your body a little. Read more ...

Sports Injury Therapy
Massage techniques to aid in the recovery of overused or injured areas. Helps to speed recovery and lessen pain and discomfort. Read more ...

By using hypnotherapy I can help you to help yourself to alleviate various problems for instance, anxiety,phobias,problems with giving up smoking, losing weight, poor sleep patterns and generally enhancing confidence. Read more ...